About Blue Nile Foods

Looking for some Ethiopian food for your party or event?

You might have been familiar with the Blue Nile Restaurant where you could partake of some of the tastiest and most authentic Ethiopian food in Boston. However, as sad as it was to say goodbye, I’ve moved on from that path and have opened ourselves up to catering and wholesale. Grab some of the best Ethiopian food at bulk prices, and rest assured that I’ll never scold you for eating with your hands!

Our catering service is ideal for:

Weddings – Whether our product represents the food you grew up with or you simply have a taste for that ethnic spice, our food can bring a fun liveliness to your reception. Make sure your guests are raving about the food long after you’ve tied the knot!

Family Reunions – Is everyone unimpressed with the old barbecue? Ready to try something new next time you and your family get together? There’s nothing like bonding with your relatives by sitting around the table and sharing some good old authentic Ethiopian food.

Office Events – Just because you run a company, doesn’t mean that you have to be boring about it! Bring some diversity into the workplace by ordering some of our reasonably-priced ethnic cuisine. No matter where you work and no matter the occasion, food is always a great way to boost morale.

Anything Else – You don’t need to wait for a special occasion, either. If you simply want to treat you and your company or family to a great meal, order our wholesale Ethiopian delicacies and make it a real party!

I and my catering staff are eager to serve you, so feel free to give us a call and let us cater your next event. Our food is delicious, authentic, and traditional—exactly what you need to make your party or event a hit!

Ellena Haile, Founder of Blue Nile JP